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Are you making money?  Do you know what your numbers are telling you?

Accuracy in numbers is what allows our clients to make knowledgeable and effective strategic business decisions.    Whether you need a compilation or a reviewed financial statement, our clients are able to determine their company’s value, analyze trend lines, determine how much their company generates in cash flow and their ability to manage debts.  Accurate information for the short or long term is what helps our clients prosper.  Numbers do not lie; call TTS to help you read what they are saying.

Additional Accounting Services:

    • Understanding your numbers, allows TTS to reflect and review what was spent and gained by our clients in their past year.
    • Traditional write up services, which include entering and reviewing transactions that go into our client’s books, insures they always have accurate and up to date information.

  • Industry analysis helps our clients understand how they compare to similar companies.
  • New Entity Setup, walk through the entire process from formation to tax preparation with TTS.
  • Budgeting for the short term i.e. an expansion or the long term i.e. retirement, we provide our clients with the right tools to succeed.

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Taxation continues to become more complex and with today’s ever-changing laws it presents opportunities as well as challenges.  Our exceptionally deep knowledge base helps you address potential tax burdens within the context of your unique business structure and lifecycle.   By out preforming the competition with tax preparation, you can trust that throughout your tax experience with TTS you will always receive superior service from our expert team.

Tax Returns

By investing our time, we countlessly bring to the table maximized results for each tax return.  From startups to large organizations our clients know they avoid any pitfall that can place their business in jeopardy by employing TTS to prepare their taxes. When it comes to Estates and Trusts our experienced accountants put our clients at ease knowing they are in good hands and their returns are completed properly and efficiently.  See for yourself this tax season by trusting TTS.

Sales and Use Tax

Accurate timing and filing of Sales and Use Tax are all too often overlooked.  Most importantly, when these are failed to be paid, they have a potentially negative effect on the business and the owner personally.  TTS makes sure our clients are compliant with all sales and use tax laws and regulations.  Our knowledgeable staff takes the time to make sure all of our clients have the correct certificates of authority to making sure they file on time and correctly.  To make sure you are filing correctly, reach out to TTS.
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Tax Planning

TTS tax planning is the key to tax savings.  With our knowledge and dedication to staying current on tax laws, and tax regulations, our clients have the full advantage and know-how to execute with the most tax efficient strategy possible.

Additional Tax Services:

  • Federal and State Tax Audits, whether a client has been audited by mail, office or field, TTS helps each step of the way by guiding our clients and dealing with the Government so you do not have to.
  • Payroll tax compliance, guarantee your business with accurate cost effective compliance.

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